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Riders Are Posing Nude On Horseback To Change People’s Driving Habits

Horse riders have decided to shed their clothes and ride their animals naked in a bid to slow motorists and encourage them to pass at a safer speed.

The campaign was set up by the ‘Slow Down For My Horse’ group, who have taken this rather unique stand against the dangerous drivers who speed past them when they’re riding on horseback along public roads.

Lauren de Gruchy set up the project when she got sick of her horse Starlight getting spooked by passing vehicles.




The 19-year-old from Jersey shared her idea to literally ride bareback on Facebook and it quickly gathered momentum. The page already has over 10,000 likes and hundreds of photos of other riders getting involved in the campaign.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, Ms de Gruchy said:

I’ve seen so many riders and horses in the news being hit by cars and unfortunately some have passed away. I’ve had experiences on the road with drivers speeding past, coming too close to my horse and spooking him. It takes two seconds to slow down. I don’t think drivers realise the danger of speeding near horses.




It’s a bold strategy, given there’s the slight risk of drivers spotting a nude man or woman riding horseback and accidentally smash into a nearby hedge.

But, considering how many horses are hit by reckless drivers each year, it’s about time somebody got on their high horse and tried to do something about it.

Source: Riders Are Posing Nude On Horseback To Change People’s Driving Habits

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