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Hilarious Parents Troll Daughter And Boyfriend By Recreating Their Facebook Selfies

It’s clear to see after scrolling down your news-feed for less that five seconds that people love a selfie. One person who loves a self-portrait is college student Emily Musson who regularly poses with her boyfriend and pops the images on Facebook.

However, it’s not the pairs cutesy photos that have whipped up a viral storm, it’s her parents. Her mum and dad have taken it upon themselves to recreate their daughters selfies and of course the internet think they are absolutely hilarious.Unfortunately Emily doesn’t find her parents’ mickey taking quite as funny as we do, saying on the end of the day isn’t a big part of parenting embarrassing your kids? Although the dad dancing, the trying to be ‘cool’, and the humiliating comments on your Facebook status have just been well and truly trumped by these

Fingers crossed this becomes the next photo craze after the success of dogshaming -sentencing bad dogs to public shame for their punishment – come on mums and dads of the world lets get #selfieshame trending.


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