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WebAiry Announced Black Friday ‘Cyber Monday’ Promotions | Web Hosting for Rs. 399

This year online retailers in Pakistan are also jumping off the hook with their own versions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.  It’s a trend that has created quite a stir in first world countries specially in America, however its a positive sign if local retailers are willing to add discounts to facilitate their clientele.


WebAiry, a renowned name in the hosting business also take this as an opportunity and have announced their Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.  They are offering complete hosting solutions starting from PKR 399/year, so if you want to host your new shiny website anytime soon, we suggest you make the most out of this offering by WebAiry.

About WebAiry.

Webairy Hosting Solutions was founded in 2010. Our founders have worked as system administrators for multiple UK and USA based hosting companies since 2005. Our founders have over 15 years of combined work experience with other hosting companies. They have seen first hand what customers deal with in other companies. The lapses in customer support, systems that too often don’t work at acceptable levels, and the common server overloading by the hosting company owners; are three problems seen too often in the hosting industry. They decided that they could do better, and that is how Webairy Hosting was born.

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