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Umar Akmal: injured or legacy for brother???

Umar Akmal (chotu as they call him) made the whole nation wonder, for about 3 to 4 hours, about his place in the side. As they told (GEO news) that he may not keep against Zimbabwe or may not even be part of the squad but its been cleared now, he is fit and will be available.

brother or country?

A few hours ago we got the news that Umar Akmal has got injured during a practice session and may be out of his first ever World Cup 2011. The big question here arises is why does Umar Akmal gets injured every time Kamran Akmal’s place in the side is in jeopardy.

Last time Kamran Akmal had a torrid time with the gloves, although mostly its in every match, was in the Sydney debacle and to replace him a wicket-keeper, Sarfraz Ahmed, was called from Pakistan and to protest this his brothe Umar Akmal faked an injury and got fined for it too.

This time there was no official confirmation of faking an injury but the situation to get injured makes everybody, not only me, wonder BIG TIME! Is it only about his brother even more than his Country? We respect him for the immense talent he has got and specially his presence in the field is very important but we have only one question for him WHY? WHY? WHY?

and in the end to prove that everbody else thinks the same, not only me:
GEO news: ”Umar Akmal sacrifices again for brother.”

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