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TALIBAN threatened ‘The Dirty Picture’ in Pakistani Cinemas

Karachi – The TTKP has officially released a note warning Pakistani’s not to visit cinemas to watch the bollywood’s newesthit movie ‘The Dirty Picture’.

In a not to their official website, they have said that the picture is extremely unethical and is a plague to our society.  They have warned the Pakistani Government to take preventive actions as soon as possible to bar such obscenity from the Pakistani society and ban this movie right away.  They have also included that if this picture continues to put up on local cinemas the public visiting the cinemas should be ready to bear the consequences.

Initially The Dirty Picture was banned by the PTA and PCA but after great protest from the local cinemas and heavy bribes they have lift the ban from the movie and the movie is now showing in various cinemas all over the country.  A local cinema at Karachi told us that The Dirty Picture is selling out to packed houses since its release here in Pakistan.

The Dirty Picture starring Vidiya Ballan and Naseer ud din Shah in lead roles along with Emran Hashmi is a story about a south-indian heroine and contains nudity, sex and strong language.  According to critics, Vidiya Ballan did an impressive job by flaunting her cleavage the whole time in the movie.

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