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Jackie making waves on the web, thanks to Dose!

Jackie Shroff became a discussion point on micro blogging website Twitter when we did this fake news quoting Shroff as saying that he’s a homosexual. Though the claim most likely is a joke, twitterati is still abuzz with jokes and reactions.  This shows how the world works on the tides of hoax and rumors, and people start talking about whatever you fed them.

In reaction, we have come across the most hilarious jokes of all times.  Following are some best picks:

Kahkel LEKHAK: I am not homosexual: Jackie Shroff Yesterday Jackie Shroff shocked the world… Any idea who is going to shock the world today?

BogusOperandi: What do you call Jackie Shroff when he was in the closet? A Jack-in-the-box!! ‘Came’ as a surprise!!

Sunneith Revankar: Is the Jackie Shroff news confirmed? I need to go break my Mom’s heart.

praveen veluvolu: Jackie shroff male version of Roja. deenemma leg ,all flops. Asthram,sakthi n panjaa. By the way Vishnu Vardhan is tamil meher ramesh lol #fb

A.R.V.I.N.D: Badly want to crack a Jackie Shroff joke but its a personal choice. #Respect Instead talk about Ricky Martin n’ Karan Johar

KachuaChap Ghooskhor: Jackie Shroff says he turned homosexual very late in his career. To be exact, the time when he came in ‘touch’ with SRK during Devdas shoot.

Rajiv Bhatia: Karan Johar asks SRK to half his fee, says he has found a new talent in Jackie Shroff.

Siddhesh Kabe: Maybe the news about Jackie Shroff was spread by Kapil Sibal to show the horrors of Internet.

What’s in a name?: Jackie Shroff was offended when Google Maps told him to go straight. #kImgoing

TheHumerus Can Can: As long as Jackie Shroff doesn’t proclaim to the world that his partner is Anil Kapoor, it’s fine

Ashish Shakya: BREAKING NEWS: Yogis say Jackie Shroff’s homosexuality can be cured with Sandhi Sudha.

karishmau:Apparently, this rumour about Jackie Shroff being gay originated in Pakistan. I know there is a joke/reason to outrage there but…

MarilynBenz: haha George Clooney is not gay but thats hollywood equivalent of hearing jackie shroff is gay!

MerePassMaaHai: All those actresses who had a feel that jackie shroff was hitting on them must be feeling so guilty today. #bollywood

THELIP1957: Saw Devdas last night again suddenly the chemistry between @iamsrk n Jackie Shroff seemed several notches more realistic than wid Ash n Mads

KhizM: Jackie Shroff is still the handsome ghunda from Hero singing “”DingDong..””

BogusOperandi: What do you call Jackie Shroff when he was in the closet? A Jack-in-the-box!! ‘Came’ as a surprise!!

TheRaaket: #thatawkwardmoment when jackie shroff takes help of GPS and he is asked to go straight.

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