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Family Beats Daughter to Near Death after Maya Khan invaded the Park

Maya Khan talking to couple, lying about camera & mic

While Maya Khan basks in her newly found fame in the media limelight both online and at the digital TV channels across the globe, where ever people care, the couples who were harassed by her and her aunty brigade are suffering the worst of the consequences.

This might be another blog post to read for you, just like TV shows and articles discussing this are, but the real Armageddon has already started for the girls and boys which were telecasted live by that self-propped and self-righteous TV host Maya Khan.

Families can very well recognize their girls in the veil if they see them outside. One of the girl knew that, and after that harassment in park, she reached home and cut the cable off in order to try to keep her family unaware of that. She was successful for two days but then as the media kept on harping that and repeating those clips from Maya Khan, her brother saw that in someone else’s house and she was ‘caught’.

After two slaps by her brother in front of her mother and father, she accepted and then she was beaten badly by all of them. They wanted to kill her, but luckily for her, her mother got some mercy in her heart. She has been shunned from going to college and will be confined to one room, until she is married to her cousin in Hyderabad as soon as possible. Her family is fearing now that neighborhood might recognize her and that would be end of that family at least in that Karachi mohallah.

Maya Khan deserves severe punishment and mere firing from show is not enough. That channel should be banned and fined, while Maya should serve some jail sentence.


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  1. Atif

    02/28/2012 at 3:25 AM

    hahahahahaha ….. although she has no right to enter in one’s private space but this news of beaten a girl by family is fake coz cpls were paid actors and actresses. better research before opening mouth 😉

  2. amna

    06/26/2012 at 10:49 AM

    if these were indeed paid actors and actresses, then her whole show becomes a lie. she deserves no credit either way.true or false, her actions were dangerous and TV channels should have some sense of morality knocked into them.

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