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Denied Nude Selfie, Man from Multan Cancels Wedding

As per the reports from Multan, Pakistan, a 33 year old soon to be groom, Salman Butt has asked his bride to send him a selfie, without clothes.  Upon constant denial he threatened the girl to cancel their wedding.

According to close relatives, Salman got engaged to a girl from the same area as he resides. Recently, Salman asked his soon to be wife to send him her nude selfie. Shocked by this, the girl did not oblige to her groom’s unusual request. Fed up after repeated requests, Salman started to threaten the girl saying that he will cancel the wedding if she didn’t send her nude selfie.

Salman also took Rs. 2.5 lac from her parents before getting engaged and agree to marry.  Shattered by the groom’s ways, the soon to be bride complaint to her parents about this behavior of Salman, and the parents took this matter in local panchayat with Salman’s family present.

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