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Chilean Police Rescue an Abandoned Child Being Breastfed by Dog

In a desert area of Chile, a dog took over where humans failed to protect and care for a toddler. Police in Arica, near the Peru border, rescued a malnourished two-year-old boy after he was found being breastfed by a dog. A witness saw the child being breastfed by her pregnant dog, identified as Reina, and reported the incident to the authorities. During the rescue, the boy was also found to be suffering from a skin infection and lice infestation. According to the police, the child had been abandoned in a mechanic’s workshop and footage from news agencies show the horrible conditions he was left in.

After the boy was rescued, the witness told the local media, “If you saw what we saw, it was terrible.”

The Associated Press reports that, according to the Police Captain, the mother of the child arrived at the hospital drunk but was not arrested because there was no evidence of physical harm to the boy. The two-year-old child has been released from the hospital and is now under the care of child welfare authorities. The National Service for Minors has filed a complaint of neglect and the director of the organisation called the shocking incident “reprehensible and inhumane.”

The case has sparked anger in Chile where, according to international media reports, authorities have been fighting against the issue of child abandonment for decades. A hearing in the family court has been scheduled for September 22nd to determine who will take care of the child.

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