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15 Year Old Schoolboy Had Sex With His Teacher 50 Times

This young lad lived the fantasy many of us only dream about.

A schoolboy has described how he was left “scarred for life” by a teaching assistant who had sex with him 50 times and told him she was pregnant.

The boy, 15, who cannot be named for legal reasons, regularly had unprotected sex with Caroline Berriman who was spared jail last week after admitting two counts of sexual activity with a child.

Berriman had been tutoring him in maths and English but she contacted him on Facebook to ask for his number. They first had sex five months into their relationship but he told The Sun that they got so close her daughter started calling him ‘dad’.

He said: “We would call and text each other all the time and it got more and more into a sort of relationship. Then she started ringing me on weekends, asking if I was going round to hers. It slowly got more serious. It got to a point where her daughter was calling me ‘dad’. I used to say to her ‘I’m not, I’m your mum’s friend’”

The relationship was exposed when the boy finally told his brother, before his mother also found out. He then contacted ChildLine.

Things went so far that Berriman asked him to run away with her. But they won’t be going anywhere after Berriman was fined £100 and obliged to complete 250 community work on top of her suspended two-year jail sentence.

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