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Saif Ali Khan’s ‘Head & Shoulders’ TVC should be banned in Pakistan

After the controversial statement released by Saif Ali Khan while giving an interview to an Indian Entertainment Website , in which he explicitly said “I don’t have faith in Pakistan, generally” which caused a stir of negative feedback and comments from Pakistan and many of our superstars came out back lashing his statements about our beloved country.

Leading the way Hamza Ali Abbasi took to his Facebook and responded.

Hamza Ali Abbasi took to his Facebook and responded to Saif Ali Khan's disintegrated comments about Pakistan.
After Hamza, Pakistani cinema legend Shaan Shahid also came out again on his Facebook account.


After Hamza's Waar on Saif Ali Khan - Pakistani cinema legend Shaan Shahid got in the ring for round-2.

The biggest reaction up till now is from the Censor Board of Pakistan as they have banned Phantom and any future release involving Saif Ali Khan in Pakistan.  This might be a big blow to Chotay Nawab, and don’t get surprised if you see an apologetic message from him real soon.

Saif Ali Khan is also featured in the Head & Shoulder TVC with wife Kareena Kapoor Khan and the commercial is on air day in day out throughout all TV channels in Pakistan.  We are asking PEMRA to take prominent actions and ban this TVC from the airwaves.

Saif-Ali-Khan-H&S Ad

Let’s build some pressure, let’s force these big brands to put a foot down his tail, he will come all apologetic real soon.

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