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Nescafe Basement Season 3 went live without a Website

Right after a well crafted Coke Studio Season 7,  Here comes a raw and more hard rock version we all know as Nescafe Basement but hold on where’s the website for it?

In this digital age where people view more videos and listen more music online than on television.  In a time where Digital Marketing is a well paid skill and Advertising identified many new mediums for itself.  Also, PR transformed itself into online trolling as a form of conversation.  Can you imagine a mainstream brand which invested allot in a musical show as big as Nescafe Basement forgot to update their website for their newly launched season 3?  It happened 🙂

Nescafe Basement ( season 3 can’t be found anywhere except for their Facebook pages.  No you cannot go to the website and meet the cast and crew or get the airing schedule.  You cannot download songs you might like (Bhangi – in my case) from the last two episodes because it’s nowhere to be found.  This can’t be part of the plan in any case as they rightly beefed their website for both SEASON 1 and 2.

NESCAFÉ Basement 2014-12-09 15-14-46

I have a feeling that this might be another case of the Software Project Failure, as according to Bla Bla Researchs 90% of the projects never see a life online.

Following are some of my assumptions what might happen:

1) Short Timelines
2) Vendor Over-committed  / Under Performed
3) Lack of Planning
4) Wrong Choice of Technology / Platform
5) Web Designs might be the responsibility of the Agency instead of the Technologists
6) Psycho Marketing Manager
7) They might have hired some freelancers to do it. haha
8) The vendor might have some other big projects to pay attention to.
9) None of the above and they might not have the budget to pay for the website.
10) Xulfi’s master stroke of not having a website this time around.

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