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Girl Sets Her Boyfriend’s Dick On Fire For Cheating On Her

Why do people in a relationship cheat? One reason is that either your partner has fallen out of love from you, or your partner has fallen in love with somebody else. But in the end, no reason can justify cheating. The best thing to do is end your current relationship first, before starting a new one with somebody else.

But this guy wanted to ‘play’ two women at the same time—and this is what he gets!

He was sleeping soundly with only his boxers and high socks on. Little did he know, his girlfriend just discovered that he was having an affair with her co-worker. She pours nail polish all over his crotch and sets fire to it with a gun lighter.

Boy on Fire

 The bewildered guy put the fire out first before rolling out of bed onto the floor. Moaning in pain, he rushed out of the room as his girlfriend gave him a mouthful of insults.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned—proven and tested.

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