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Best of WWE in 2011

The WWE has been stuck in a rut for the past few years but 2011 brought many fans back thanks to CM Punk‘s run, The Rock‘s return and a variety of damn good moments that had pro wrestling fans yelling “Holy S***!” at their television screens. To honor the year that will surely go down as one of WWE’s best, MTV Clutch has chosen our favorite insane moments. From Mark Henry becoming the heavyweight champion to he and Big Show‘s destruction of a ring with one move, to Evan Bourne getting airborne from 20 feet up and CM Punk’s “Money In The Bank” performance, there was a lot of love this year. Without further delay, here is our list of the best “Holy S***!” WWE moments from 2011.

10. Mark Henry Becomes Third African-American Heavyweight Champion
It’s hard to believe that there have only been a couple African-American champions in WWE’s entire history, and we were long overdue for another. Still, no one really thought Mark Henry would beat Randy Orton at “Night of Champions” for the title. Not only did he do that, but he beat him clean. A huge moment in WWE history.

9. Christian Wins First World Title At Extreme Rules

Christian has always gotten the short end of the stick as main event talent. But after proving he could carry the ball as a champ in TNA, Christian returned to the WWE. After his real-life best friend and story line brother Edge abruptly retired, Christian got his chance to taste gold at “WWE Extreme Rules” against Alberto Del Rio in a ladder match. Christian won, fans rejoiced and it was one of the more sentimental “Holy S***” moments of 2011.

8. Randy Orton RKOs Christian Off Top Rope On Steel Steps

Randy Orton is known for pulling off RKOs from virtually any position in the ring. Christian caught the bad end of it at “SummerSlam” when Orton jumped off the top turnbuckle and RKOs him on the steel steps. Boy, that had to hurt.

7. Evan Bourne Goes “Air Bourne” Off 20-Foot Ladder
Evan Bourne’s shooting star press by itself has been a pretty impressive “Holy S***” moment. But doing the move off the top of a 20-foot ladder has all kinds of epic “Holy S***” written all over it.

6. John Morrison Spiderman Act At Royal Rumble
It’s too bad that the WWE is hell-bent on burying John Morrison because this guy is a friggin’ rock star in the ring. How he managed to save himself from elimination at the 2011 “Royal Rumble” is proof positive that this guy is a unique talent.

5. Big Show’s 500+ Pound Flying Elbow Off The Top Rope
We’re not sure what’s more impressive, Big Show’s humongous frame perched on the top turnbuckle like an elephant on a tightrope or his graceful crash landing on top of Mark Henry.

4. Undertaker vs. Triple H At “Wrestlemania”

One big “Holy S***” match by itself, it still has us shaking our heads. While we were pretty sure that Undertaker‘s “Wrestlemania” streak wouldn’t end, there were several times Triple H had us believing it was over for the Deadman.

3. Big Show And Mark Henry Break The Ring
Yes, this happened on an episode of “Smackdown” in 2003 with Brock Lesnar and Big Show, but that didn’t make it any less awesome in 2011. Especially considering the sheer amount of bulk that came down on the canvas. We wince just watching it.

2. The Rock Returns As Surprise Guest Host Of “Wrestlemania XXVII”

There is no move involved in this “Holy S***” moment, just the shocking return of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the host of “Wrestlemania XXVII.” If you didn’t go into full fanboy freakout during this moment, you have no pulse and should be ashamed to call yourself a wrestling fan.

1) CM Punk Wins World Title At Money In The Bank

A “Holy S***” on so many levels, the match between CM Punk and John Cena drew a ton of interest for its various angles: CM Punk’s run of awesomeness, the rumors that he was done with WWE, the idea that he could leave the company as the WWE champion in a match taking place in his backyard of Chicago. But after one of the most awesome matches, WWE fans were treated to an amazing finish that saw CM Punk walk out of the building and away from the WWE (albeit momentarily) with the championship.


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