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Irani Photographer Specialized in Taking Dick Pics

Soraya Doolbaz, an Irani photographer is revolutionizing the way we see dick-pics. She is now based in New York, Doolbaz’s new project is titled the ‘Dicture Gallery’, and basically consists of her inviting couples in for a photoshop, and taking pictures of the guy’s junk.

But these pictures have a special artistic twist, which Doolbaz describes as, “as artistic take on an otherwise alluring modern dating tactic.” Whilst out shopping in Walmart one day, the photographer stumbled across some dolls. She reveals, “I put two and two together and thought that I could make a personality out of penises.”


In her own words why she is doing this:

I’ve gotten my fair share of dick pics over the years and most of my single friends had as well. We would show them to each other and compare. These dick pics varied in quality depending on the guy and the relationship (Gay guys really do take the best dick pics). I thought it would be funny to treat dick pics like a high fashion photo shoot. So, I put clothes on penises and the rest is history!

My goal with all this was to make people laugh. I wanted to create comfort and confidence around sexuality for men and women. Men should be proud of their dicks regardless of its size or characteristics. Women  and gay men should have no shame in enjoying them. The demand is there. Most women, 100% of gay men, LOVE cock. Safe to say most people love cock. So why is it so hidden?

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