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Cecil the Zimbabwean Lion | Real Life Lion King

After the shocking news came out about the brutal hunt of Cecil the Zimbabwean Lion.  I was digging shit from Zimbabwean pride lands with the Lions and their backgrounds.


Cecil the Lion. He was brutally killed by a hunter couple of weeks back.

‘Cecil’ became the King after beating ‘Mpofu’ in 2009 with the help of his brother ‘Leander’. ‘Leander’ got killed during that battle and ‘Mpofu’, who was equally popular and considered as a legend was hurt badly with a fractured leg and was forced to step down and leave the pride lands. He was taken down by the rangers later due to his bad condition as he was unable to move around because of the fractured leg.

Mpofu with his Lioness

Mpofu with his Lioness

‘Cecil’ allowed ‘Jericho’ to live in the suburbs of his pride lands and ‘Jericho’ will be the next king after killing Cecil’s cubs and other contenders.

The one standing behind Cecil is Jericho.  He will be the next king.

The one standing behind Cecil is Jericho. He will be the next king.

‘Cecil’ was famous for the Black tinge as may be he was from the descendants of Scar and Kovu in real life. Zimbabwe loved ‘Cecil’ for this rare gene he possessed.

Cecil with his Lioness

Cecil with his Lioness

I have also collected some photographs of ‘Cecil, Jericho and Mpofu’ attached with this post. ‪#‎RealLifeLionKing‬ ‪#‎CecilTheLion‬

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