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5 poses that girls do to look good in Facebook Pictures

1. The Broken Neck Pose

Girl-Pose-Facebook-Profile-Pakistani (1)

I don’t get it what’s so interesting about this particular pose.  Its something in the nature of a girl to start bending the neck as soon as she sees a camera in-front of her.

2. The Camera-in-the-hand Pose

Girl-Pose-Facebook-Profile-Pakistani (2)

This is a new phenomenon now a days.  Who needs a photographer if i can shoot my own pretty self.  If you don’t have a picture in this pose you are nobody these days.

3. The Mischievous Side Pose

Girl-Pose-Facebook-Profile-Pakistani (5)

Every girl having a better side that’s why every girl prefer to hide the dark side with this unique pose one can find so regular on the Facebook profile pictures.

4. Cute Lil Girlie Huddles Pose

Girl-Pose-Facebook-Profile-Pakistani (4)

This is a must have for any girl.  If you are a girl, you are born to take these chipka chipki cute pictures

5. The Hand-Chinyun Pose

Girl-Pose-Facebook-Profile-Pakistani (3)

This pose if for the nerds or for those who want to pretend nerds.

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  1. Hassaan Ali

    11/12/2010 at 6:22 PM

    gud yaar

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