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Qandeel Baloch is Married and Mother of a 7 Year Old Boy

A man claiming to be internet sensation Qandeel Baloch’s husband came forward live on television Wednesday (today).

The event was shortly followed by Qandeel confessing she was indeed married and even had a child from her marriage to the man.“Qandeel had always wished for a massive bungalow with a luxurious car and always demanded it from me,” says Aashiq Hussain claiming to be Qandeel’s husband“My husband used to beat me up,” Baloch said.


Baloch further admitted she had a son with Hussain. However, he never told my child that I am his mother. “It was a forced marriage,” she added.

Hussain refuted Baloch’s claims and said it was a love marriage. “I still have letters which she wrote with her blood,” he said.“I never contacted Aashiq Hussain after the divorce,” she added.

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