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Ramina Ashfaque Represented Pakistan at Miss Charity Queen International Pageant in Taiwan

Ramina Ashfaque, represent Pakistan in the inaugural edition of Charity Queen International Pageant 2015 against sixty international delegates.

Here is a breakdown of her activities during her visit to Taiwan.

After a wonderful buffet breakfast at EDA Skylark hotel, the contestants set off to a Goodwill event. They visited a care home/hospital for the elderly and the persons in need of special care.

Miss Pakistan Ramina Ashfaque 02

The contestants were split into 3 groups, according to the coach they travel in and each group went to a different wing of the care home. They also listened to some music played by a trio from the university, playing instruments sewn as part of their clothes.

The contestants mixed and spoke with the elderly, then entertained the elderly as well as danced with those who could be mobile. The contestants viewed the normal operation of the care center, including a visit to the patients who could not come out of their bed , as well as participated in the exercises performed by the residents and also assisted with some of the games.


After the visit to the care center it was time for a Chinese style lunch on the rotating tables.
After lunch The contestants paid a visit to the Kaoshiung City Council where hey were shown a video of Kaoshiung district and also received a gift from the council. The visit to the council ended with a group photo outside the Council Building.

Miss Pakistan Ramina Ashfaque Miss Charity

Then it was time to return to the Hotel/villas for a rest followed by evening Buffet in the EDA Skylark where the contestants added more and more calories with a mouth watering buffet.

Miss Pakistan Runner Up Ramina Ashfaque posing for the camera in a swim wear.

Next day they had to show up at the talent show and during the night they were burning off some calories gained during the day in rehearsals.

Ramina Ashfaque is chosen as the top ten in talent!!! She did the same talent for Miss Pakistan World and now has been performing for the audience in Taiwan for Miss Charity queen International 2015

Miss Pakistan Ramina Ashfaque 13

Nadla Hairinisa, Miss Teen Indonesia 2015 won the pageant and Ramina Ashfaque is chosen as the top ten in talent.  Congratulations to both.

Miss Teen Indonesia 2015

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