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Another Reason to Love New York

Think you pledged NYC allegiance by buying an “I Love NY” shirt from a Times Square novelty vendor? Think again. Photographer Nikola Tamindzic’s new photo book Fucking New York shows what it really looks like to love the city that never sleeps.

“It’s quite a relationship we have with New York — unhealthy, frustrating, often abusive (especially when rent is due), and yet so irresistible,” Tamindzic tells Paper magazine. “New York is like that bad boy or a girl you always wanted to make your own, and never quite could, but man, the sex was always amazing.”

His shots feature a variety of women flying their New York flags high, by grinding on fire hydrants, pressing breasts against diner windows, and lying spread eagle on Chelsea rooftops. It’s a striking tribute to the passion and hustle that makes the city tick.

Check out a sampling of the NSFW images here:

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