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Two Hearts beating in my chest – Conchita Wurst are a well-coordinated team that only works as a duo – even though they never set eyes on each other and miss each other in the mirror by mere split seconds on a regular basis: Tom Neuwirth and Conchita Wurst.

The private person and the fictional character respect and appreciate each other. They are two independent personalities with their respective individual life stories and they both take a strong stance for tolerance and against discrimination.

Conchita owes her existence to the fact that Tom had been dealing with discrimination all his life. Therefore he created a woman with a beard – a striking statement and catalyst for discussions about terms like “different” and “normal”, as well as a vehicle to bring his message to the entire world in a clear and unmistakable way.

Appearances, genders and ethnicity do not matter at all when it comes to the dignity and freedom of individuals (or as Austrians would say: “They are WURST”).  Tom and Conchita agree that “Only the individual person is important. Everybody should be free to live life as he or she sees fit, as long as nobody gets harmed.”

Conchita’s beard defines the difference to conventional travesty. Genders as well as their differences are mixed up in this fictional character; and the artist Tom Neuwirth drops his disguise at the latest when gets to his dressing room.

Tom was born on November 6, 1988 in Gmunden, Austria and grew up in the small Styrian village of Mitterndorf. In 2007 he participates in the ORF casting show “Starmania” and takes the second place. In 2011 he completes his studies at the Fashion School in Graz, Austria and has been living in Vienna since then.

Conchita made her first public appearance on the ORF casting show “Die große Chance” in 2011. In 2012 she participates in the Austrian qualifying round for the Eurovision Song Contest and takes the second place again. 2014 is about to become her most successful year to date: Conchita wins the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen and captivates European and worldwide audiences. She is finally at the top – all over Europe!

Her stage presence guarantees classic, sophisticated entertainment, be it as singer, star of the international fashion scene or in the political arena because commitment to respect and love is always shining through. Consequently, she inspires designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gaultier, enchants her audience at the Parisian Crazy Horse with her own show and garners enthusiastic words of praise form the popular British TV presenter Graham Norton: “You are the answer to many of our questions.”

She visits the European Parliament in October 2014 and meets with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Ban particularly praises her commitment against intolerance and discrimination and says that the way she presents herself is a “moment of education about human rights.”

“We could be heroes“

This is the key phrase of the single “Heroes” which was released in November 2014. It shows the broad range of this exceptional artist: she inspires her fans to become heroes of their own lives – self-determined, without discrimination and violence, but with love and respect. Her first comprehensive album will be released in spring 2015. Conchita will continue to pursue her goals in three sectors – music, fashion and human dignity.

Love. Respect. Conchita.

Source: Conchita: Bio

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