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Sexy Sara Loren is Naughty No. 1

Sara Loren (Previously: Mona Lisa) is not new when it comes to bold scenes and sexy attires.  She will be gracing the big screen again with her 2nd bollywood movie “Barkhaa”.  It’s evident from the trailer and casting that it is a very low budget almost B-grade production featuring Sara Loren in the lead role opposite a debutant. The whole point of casting Ms. Loren is to have some foreign beef to make some quick bucks.

I won’t be watching it even if I have been forced into it or if they agree to pay me to watch this rubbish and it is clearly a flop to me already.  However I will definitely enjoy its very cheesy item number Naughty No. 1 and will make it part of my playlist for a couple of days.  It’s nothing to do with music, I am liking it only because its CHEESY and CHEAP! “Aao Na Babayyyy just CUM CUM CUMMMMMM”

Sara Loren is not good at dancing by any chance and therefore the choreographer might not have much to do with the dance steps.  The formula was simple, get her in some short clothes, add some gori chamrdhi and take some sleezy shots with weird camera angles.  Enjoy the result below:


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