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The One Hit Wonder Is Back & Missing The Charm This Time Around

Remember Ali Khan? the guy who had the song of the year 2006, and we heard all sort of rumors about him making it to the Bollywood and producing music and making albums with record labels such as Tips and Venus.  Well all this time and we haven’t seen any album oops! not even a single song coming out of this Balochi babu who had 2 major hits under his name Saathiya and Surmayi Ankhoon Se (it was a net hit).

Well he’s back with a sleek looking music video and a brand new number called “Koi Aye Na”.  The melody is quite routine with a catchy beat attached but Mr. Khan’s voice does not make any impact what so ever.  It felt like this time he worked hard on the look and feel of the video rather than the song itself.  One can go with the flow of this sexy looking video which gives you a sense of Enrique Iglesias video’s and Ali Khan no doubt showing off his triceps and grungy shave.  However the video does looks like similar to of Saathiya, which was directed by Jami and was a copy of some Chapta (Korean, Japani) music video.  This one is no different and the lighting and sequences with a pretty looking model are quite similar with those of Saathiya.

In my personal opinion, this song is not even close to the league Saathiya was!  One can expect allot from talent like Ali Khan, i am also a fan but ironically he disappointed me this time around.

Would love to have your comments and thoughts on the Music Video Below!

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