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Rachel Viccaji’s Priceless Reactions on Ali Zafar & Sara Haider’s Flirtatious Duet

Your coworker just got that promotion you’ve been begging the boss for, and it goes without saying that you’re feeling bitter, angry and, of course, jealous.

This situation was perfectly reflected on the last episode of Coke Studio season 8.  When Sara Haider took center stage with the Rockstar Ali Zafar himself for a duet “Ae Dil Kisi Ki Yaad Main”,  someone from the supporting vocal staff was feeling bitter, angry and of course jealous.

Rachel Viccaji has been with Coke Studio since so long now and nobody knows why?  As we have seen great emerging talents was selected for this but Rachel does not posses any other than a cute bubbly face that might keep the audiences interested while watching the musical grande slam.

Rachel started with Zoe Viccaji and Sanam Saeed and both of them are now very successful in their respective fields however we haven’t heard or saw anything from Rachel other than the Coke Studio itself.  Zoe helped her younger sister a lot to cement her place at the supporting vocal staff and with Zoe’s PR with Strings, Rachel managed to keep her spot there.

However this weekend when the amazingly talented Sara Haider has been selected from the backing vocals staff to sing a duet with Ali Zafar.  Rachel’s reactions in the background are nothing more than an act of serious jealousy and bitterness. Check it out here.

It all started by Ali Zafar himself when he start mingling with his co-singer.  He is cute and She is smiling.

Sara Haider 01

Someone in the background was like “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON THERE?”

Rachel Viccaji 02

Ali Zafar was highly impressed by Sara Haider and he is clearly enjoying it

Sara Haider 02

Rachel in the background was like “CMON! CUT ME SOME SLACK.. She’s pathetic”
SA RE GA MA PA. . . . !!!

Rachel Viccaji 01

Ali Zafar being such a tease.  Sara seems flattered.

Sara Haider 03

A voice from the background “STOP IT BITCHES, PLEASE STOP”

Rachel Viccaji 02

And then it was Sara’s turn to throw some pointers

Sara Haider 04

FUCK OFF Let me concentrate on ma singing

Rachel Viccaji 03

Bitch Please! See us dance!

Sara Haider 05

Ae Bhagwan Mujhe Uthalay!

Rachel Viccaji

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  1. Rohwit

    09/08/2015 at 6:03 PM

    Seriously one of the dumbest articles ever! Thank you for wasting my time
    And it is ‘a lot’ not ‘allot’. Find it in the article and rectify it.

    Do you remember – neeray aa where Rachel sang and sang rather well? Sure she sounds different but then this article really took iditoicity to amazing level of stupidity

    Kudos for existing

  2. Maha

    09/09/2015 at 11:37 AM

    Her reactions and thoughts were so loud, completely visible on her face.
    Poor girl. The song was double the entertainment with her like that.
    I’m absolutely in love with Sara Haider’s voice

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