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  • Karachi Tips

  • CHALLENGE | Can you identify the guy in these pictures?

    Can You befooled? In each of the following photos try to guess which member of the couple is a girl and...

  • Download Bin Laden’s Compound As A Counter Strike Map

    Now you and your friends can re-enact the assassination of the world’s most wanted terrorist from the safety of your own...

  • Google Gravity – A Must Try Everyone

    ‘Google Gravity’ is one of the coolest stuff you will ever see. All you have to do is: 1) Goto

  • That’s All Women Wants

    …Plain looking husband …normal simple ring …small wedding party …honeymoon at “any” place …small house for the kids to run around...

  • 15 Dirty URL’s (Unintentional)

    Following are the 15 unintentional Dirty URL’s 1. What it really is: 2. What it really is: 3.

  • Romantic VS Porn

    Romantic Films are known for ruining relationships as they give unrealistic expectations to women about what to expect from men Porn...


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