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Doseofme has got to be the best ten minutes of the endless hours you spend on the Weird Wide Web. Revolving around the odd, humorous and captivating things of our world, each and every dose posted on this wild yet homey site is packed with info covering entertainment, art, local happenings, music, movies, fashion, health, celebs and explores subjects from juicy gossips, hilarious jokes and mind-boggling breaking news to sports, science and tecnology.

Whether you want to watch an official trailer of the much awaited movie on your list, look up a funny SMS to forward to your chums to prove your sense of humour or just to stumble upon an amusing anecdote to make your folks go ga ga, Doseofme will make sure to delight you. Trust us, you will have one hell of a great time while going through this amazingly entertaining site!

What are you waiting for? Have a tour of our site to take a break from your strenuous work routine and yes, feel free to add your own interesting ideas. In fact, Doseofme will be more than happy to make you a part of it. So, all you dosers out there, if you are also interested in getting your doses published and getting them rated, then you are very much welcome to contact us at

P.S. Doseofme has been recently launched. Hence, it is in its beta version and we are trying our best to improve. Your feedbacks would definitely be appreciated…do shout out to us at!

Doses can be harmful if followed without your doctor's advice. All Dicks and Boobies are welcome in the fantasy land.

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