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Nescafe Basement scores big over Coke Studio

Coke Studio Season 6 aired its second episode last Sunday and I am not a happy man while saying that it was a total disaster.  There were three songs and non of which live up to the expectations set by the first episode of this very season.  As per the theme with all the western bands and musicians involved almost all of the songs sounded alike and allot like some of the tunes we have been playing non stop since last couple of weeks from episode 1.  The same old boring sound I must say!
Abrar-UL-Haq made a wasted Sufi-folk-chambay-di-bootie sorta song which never picked up and went unheard by many of us. If you give it a close listen Abrar’s vocals are undoubtedly the only good thing about the song.  Way too much mixing and stupid background vocals ruined it for me at least.  It is not required to have Zoe and Richeal on every track with their trademark humming.  It’s getting sickening with every passing track.
Let’s not even talk about Ayesha Omar’s 2 minutes of fame. The way this is progressing, we will be seeing Rabi Pirzada next as a Sufi-Allah-Wali-mast artist in next season.
Tori Chab was supposedly the main attraction of this episode, as per the BTS released earlier last week.  The collaboration got wasted again when the whole mix was so off and no fusion incurred organically.  The whole song sounded a bit forced and again too many instruments creating all sorts of noises helped in the demise of what could have been an epic song.  In any case this was the best song of this particular episode. (Andhon main Kana Raja)
On the other hand there is another show Nescafe Basement which also released its second episode and man these kids have some talent.  The whole rock and roll feel with thrashing of drums.  Nescafe Basement creates an impact with mind blowing covers of Nazia Hassan’s BOOM BOOM and AWAZ’s Mr. Fraudiye.  I must say amazing music and with this particular episode they have scored big on the veteran Coke Studio.
Checkout the following tracks and decide yourself.


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  1. Khaaan

    11/28/2013 at 3:20 PM

    Nice try, Nescafe.

    Your show’s average. Stop self promoting.

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