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The hoax created by us gets into reality “Farhan leaves Jal” for good. Confirmation at the Express Tribune

It was another sleepless night for me like tonight and i was high on intoxication and was poised to blog out something here on DoseOfMe and BAM, it hits me to do a Dose on this idea i had in mind since Jal the band appeared on the fourth season of Coke Studio.

I personally kinda like the music they did till now, but The Gohar dude is always being an asshole for me.  The hatred begun long time back with the self made controversy related to “Humein Itna Pyaar” from their second album.  Since the song came out in a raw form long before the album released and was sung by Farhan instead of Gohar as it is in the album released version.  Farhan Saeed sung the song with his almost mesmerizing voice and pulled-of an amazing song which was there in my playlist for a very long time, irrespective of the quality and rawness, it was amazing for me.

Then the album released Boondh? and Gohar (The Cheetah) raped the song like anything to its core.  Why Gohar why have you fucked it up for all of us? You had an amazing singer sitting besides you that can do justice to that song but you always have to poke your ugly nose and want to sing it yourself. Just to get into the lime-light? For God Sakes you are no Bilal Maqsood of Strings.

Last but not the least the frustration with Mr. Gohar Mumtaz reached its limits with the Coke Studio episode where Gohar decided to sing a song by himself and that’s where i got me really pissed and confirmed Gohar as a certified self obsessed bastard.  i thought of writing something about it here on DoseOfMe, but wait we just can write a hate blog here.  We do have rules here and a repo to maintain at DoseOfMe and we need to make stuff chat-pata and masalay-daar and ‘Farhan Saeed left ‘JAL the band’ after a fight with Gohar’ dose was the result of frustration + dizziness + dosing and with no time it was everywhere.

Blogs like Pakium, Koolmuzone, PMR talked about it and everyone denied it.  The news was everywhere that even Jal management decided to declare it a hoax on their official facebook fan page.  But i guess Farhan got the balls to think about it after my Dose and we have seen singles coming out from his side and website / youtube channel launched with personal branding and that’s all great.  I was going through Tribune today and they have confirmed it that Farhan leaves Jal and it is all official now check the story here.

We are wishing Farhan Saeed a wonderful solo career, and would like to request for a cover of “Humein Itna Pyar” (HD) as a thanking note to his beloved fans here at DoseOfMe.

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  1. shad

    09/07/2011 at 11:11 AM

    you are nothing but a fool. farhan is nothing without gohor . time will show that . and farhan is an ungreatful like atif .

  2. wasim

    10/05/2011 at 4:15 PM

    farhan u r best n best u can rock u r own solo

  3. muskan noor

    10/28/2011 at 12:19 PM

    farhan u do always best .u r big star of world .u r osam u always u

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