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Artist of the Month | Overload

Overload is a Lahore based percussion outfit that mixes Indian Classical and Sufi folk beats with contemporary rhythm and music.  The band was formed by drummer/music producer Farhad Humayun in 2003 after a casual jam session with the acclaimed Dhol player Pappu Saein backstage at the Royal Albert Hall London. Since then the band has received acclaim from music veterans, artists, literary figures and the general public alike. Concert after concert, locally and internationally the band has come to be recognized as the only arena band and the best live act from Pakistan for which they won the 2006 Lux Style Award also.

Their self titled debut album was released in January 2006 in Pakistan. It was the largest selling album of the year for which we also received a number of awards including Indus/MTV ‘break though artist.
In the last 4 years Overload has taken a number of countries by storm playing festivals and solo concerts in Japan, Sri Lanka, Norway, UAE and UK. The CORE comprising Farhad Humayun on Vocals & drums and Sheraz Siddiq on keyboards & synths, believes that the unique sound of the band has evolved due to collaborating with artists with individual styles. Overload is a band thats known for featuring new players and singers and bringing them to the forefront.

New works by Overload are full of funky bass grooves, soaring vocal melodies, explosive drumming and the signature pounding beats of the dhol.


Farhad Humayun – Drums/Vocals
Sheraz Siddiq – Synth/Keys
Nasir Sain – Dhol

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