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Japanies have a solution for every problem | Introducing Air Conditioned Clothes

Everyone in the world would desperately want to get their hands on the latest invention in Japan.

Jackets have been in the fashion industry for ages and now Japanese inventors have turned them into air-conditioned coats with built-in fans.

Tell me about it!

Kuchofuku – what literally means “air-conditioned clothing” – is what the Japanese invented after rise power shortages in Japan after the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

The Japanese nation was crippled by the summer heat and the shortage of electricity was unbearable.  That’s when this jacket was created.

Here’s how the invention works: two electric fans in the jacket can be controlled to draw air in at different speeds, giving the garment a puffed-up look. But this has not deterred those happy to be cool rather than “hot” when it comes to fashion, according to the news.

“I work in a very hot place and have to wear long sleeved outfits, so I came over to buy this to stay cool and to prevent heat stroke,” said Ryo Igarashi, 33, as he left the Kuchofuku office after buying an air-conditioned jacket.

Igarashi said the clothing offers him relief at hot construction sites where he, coincidentally, installs air conditioners in buildings.

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