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Arizona Grill comes to North Nazimabad

If you love steaks at Arizona Grill.  There is a good news for all of you foodies out there.  Arizona Grill recently opened its 4th franchise at North Nazimabad near 5 star traffic signal.

Like I said, the place is famous for steaks. There is ample choice of chicken and beef steaks, with flavour to match your taste. Mix it up with the steak sauce and other dressings, and you will not forget the treat.


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  1. Nadeem Raja

    07/04/2011 at 1:23 AM

    Dear Umair,
    Thank you for the Arizona Grill Post on the site.

    Just a clarification, Arizona Gill in not open yet. It will open on Monday July 11th 2011.

    Best Regards
    Nadeem Raja
    Managing Director & CEO
    RNBT Private Limited
    The Parent company of:
    (Arizona Grill, Roasters, Montecristo & Stream Trading International)

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