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Fulfill Your Promise Poonam Pandey, India has Won the World Cup !!

Where is Poonam Pandey? Poonam Panday where are you? Poonam India has become the world champion and are you going to fulfill your promise? These are the questions which are searched by lots of people on Google. Just to Remind you that Model Poonam Pandey has promised to take her cloths off just for the Indian cricket team, if they lift the World Cup this year. The model has said that this is the way to show her support for the team.

Now that India has won the World Cup, every one is keen to know where is model Poonam Pandey and if she would actually run naked as promised.

“Did anyone see Poonam Pandey,” asked financial analyst Mukesh Jagota on Facebook .

Much before India won, amateur filmmaker Sanjib Kumar Roy had posted: I don’t promise to anything wild ..if India wins…but surely shall look for Poonam Panday online……. : ) Now Team India must win…pls win the match for us…. “some body tell me where is POONAM PANDEY . . .BTW . .CONGRATS EVERYBODY,” was his status message after Indian had sealed its victory.

“ASK HER FATHER…” replied his friend Govindan Saravanan, a reference to the model’s assertion that her family supported her decision.

However, Poonam made no mention of her promise on her Twitter page.

“and the MAGIC WORKED!!!! 🙂 Thanx lot guys for such Lovely Replys,” was her latest tweet (11.14 pm. Saturday)

Before that, her response to India’s s victory had been: “wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and “Vande Mataram!!!”

Lets see if she actually fulfills her promise !! If she don’t, India will have to give back the World Cup !

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